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    中文版  |  English

    SANKING was founded in Taiwan in 1976 and entered the mainland in 1997. In 2002, Sanli Plastics was established in the mainland to be responsible for sales. In 2004, SANKING moved the factory from Taiwan to Xiamen, and the SANKING brand trademark holder is Xiamen Sanideng Plastics Industry CO., LTD.

    Xiamen Sanideng Plastics Industry CO., LTD. is responsible for production and sales in foreign markets. Xiamen Sanli Plastic Piping CO., LTD. is responsible for sales in domestic market.

    SANKING as a domestic independent brand of industrial nonmetal valve manufactures, Sanideng provide plastic piping system solutions for customers. From simple pipe production development to today there are thousands of kinds of valve products, from simple products sold to today's intelligent piping system output, and obtained the NSF certification, CE safety certification, ISO international certification system, formulation and modification of national industry standards.

    We persist in the development of professional, meticulous and service, the market we are promoting is not simply the sale of products, but the innovation of technology and the spread of culture; Not a simple price comparison, but a value comparison.