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  • About Us


    Shi Di Fu (Zhenjiang) Electric Co., Ltd. intends to be located in the developed Yangtze River Delta economic circle "Yangzhong manufacturing corridor" is a well-known "China Engineering Electric Island", located in Yangzhong City, Steve (Zhenjiang) Electric Co., Ltd. is specialized in power quality control and energy-saving technology research and production field. Product research and development, production, sales as one of the enterprises, production technology and R & D is based on the German Steve joint venture technology research and development platform.

    The company is mainly devoted to the power quality control and upgrading system. The main products involve high voltage filter compensation: SEC-PQF series active filter (PQFA), static var generator (PQFS), static var generator and three-phase unbalance regulator (PQFM), dynamic voltage recovery device (PQFD), high voltage automatic reactive power compensation and filter device (PQFHC), low voltage dynamic reactive power compensation and filter device (PQFTC) and other series of products; high and low voltage filter compensation devices: SEC-L/C series tuning filter capacitor, reactor, SEC-I series intelligent capacitor compensator, SEC-TM/CS series intelligent switching switch, SEC-CM series monitoring single element compensation devices. The performance indicators of the products have been in the leading position and advanced international position in the world, meeting the different needs of different users.

    The company introduced advanced international production equipment, processing technology level, and relying on high-end scientific research and manufacturing platform; products strictly according to the national standards and corresponding international standards to carry out R & D and production, carry out perfect testing methods, provide the customers with the optimal power quality control and system solutions, and provide the field of filtering and compensation. High quality products.

    Shi Di Fu company is the leading supplier of safety compensation and harmony wave management equipment, complete sets of equipment and technology solutions.

    In the field of power quality,Shi Di Fu has the capability of independently developing, manufacturing, integrating components and systems.

    Our job is to provide high quality and reliable products and services to the market.